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Shenzhen Huagon Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the customization, development, and production of wireless charging modules. There are 15W 50W 200W wireless charging modules, 18W PD 45W 65W 100W mobile power modules, and A/C PD 45W car wireless chargers. Our company has passed the IOS9001 quality system certification, SMETA labor, health, safety, and environmental certification. Our products have passed the market access certification in Europe, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, ROHS, REACH, and other environmental certifications.
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Huagon, the first company in China to apply for QI2 certification!

Anna original 2023-08-03 11:53:15

Qi2 is an upgraded version of Qi and a new enhanced wireless charging standard being developed by the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. Compared to qi, qi2 is based on Apple's pioneering Magnetic Power Profile, which is built on the MagSafe charging technology provided by Apple. It will provide a better wireless charging user experience and pave the way for the development of new features and enhanced functions in the future.

Huagon,  China Qi2 mpp Mpp certification magnetic wireless charging wholesalers, focusing on wireless charging for more than 10 years, has many products that have passed Qi certification and many of our PCBA boards have passed Qi certification. Huagon has handed our products to the certification authority started the certification. Two of our PCBA boards are on the process of QI2 certification. The MPP authentication certification will come out in the middle of September.


Qi2 emerges in the background:
1.Apple dominates about 70% of all wireless charging phone sales, 
2.With the emergency of Apple's MagSafe charging in October 2020, creating market confusion between Qi-certified and non-certified devices.
3.Qi is the original global standard for wireless charging.
4.Qi2 is based on Apple’s Magsafe technology.
5.Qi2 MPP is a new enhanced wireless charging standard developed by the WPC  based on Apple's pioneering Magnetic Power Protocol(MPP).

Qi2  Certification rules:        
1. Qi2 PTx products shall contain at least one EPP or MPP.
2. Each Qi2 certified charger must contain an authentication chip.
3. BPP-only chargers cannot be Qi2 certified, only Qi 1.3.3.
4. Qi2 X-in-1 products may have a BPP Tx, but must contain at least one EPP or MPP Tx.
5. BPP Tx subsystems may not be integrated into Qi2 X-in-1 products (Qi2 BPP subsystems may not be certified).
6. Compared to the Qi v1.3.3 X-in-1 rule, the Qi charging area is no longer required in Qi2 X-in-1 products. The Qi logo, China Qi2 magnetic wireless charging certification manufacturer, is no longer required to be silk-screened in the Qi charging area of Qi2 X-in-1 products.

QI2 Standards Progress:            
1, As consequence of on 10 May 2023, WPC approved the official version of the interface and definitions, the test specification has not yet been released;
2、Qi2.0's authorised test equipment is still being validated, and no equipment vendors have been approved for authorisation.
3、Laboratory qualification audit, the beginning of the implementation of Qi2 compliance testing has not yet been carried out, but may come out in August-October or may also be delayed. No one can predict exactly the date.

QI2 and Apple series' compatibility:
According to the content of the specification, MPP's Tx to own magnetic iphone (12 13 14 series version 1.2) is working in the MPP restricted mode, in the state of 360kHz 5W.
The future release of the iphone 15 is likely to be compatible with version 2.0 of the MPP protocol, that is, the Tx has been certified by the MPP can give iphone 15 series for 15W wireless charging.
Whether the existing 12 13 14 series can be upgraded to version 2.0 version level support MPP15W through software in the future is to be determined.


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