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Shenzhen Huagon Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the customization, development, and production of wireless charging modules. There are 15W 50W 200W wireless charging modules, 18W PD 45W 65W 100W mobile power modules, and A/C PD 45W car wireless chargers. Our company has passed the IOS9001 quality system certification, SMETA labor, health, safety, and environmental certification. Our products have passed the market access certification in Europe, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, ROHS, REACH, and other environmental certifications.
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what is wireless

Anna original 2023-07-28 16:38:00

    The current wireless charging technology is constantly maturing, and the development of technology is steadily advancing. International standards are also gradually taking shape. So what is wireless charging? The principle behind wireless charging technology is the well-known electromagnetic induction phenomenon, specifically the use of a changing electric field to generate a changing magnetic field, and then the use of the changing magnetic field to generate an electric field, thereby generating current to charge the device.

The direction of the magnetic field generated around an energized wire is perpendicular to the direction of the current and is usually very weak. However, if the wire is wound in a circular or spiral shape, the magnetic fields in the same direction will be superimposed, forming a strong magnetic field. In fact, the principle of wireless charging is similar to the common transformer in our daily lives, which uses the current in one coil to generate current in another coil. But unlike the way transformers conduct magnetic fields through iron cores, the induction coils in wireless charging devices have undergone some special adjustments and use air as the medium to conduct magnetic fields, thereby generating induced currents. At the same time, just like the resonance of sound, the induction of two coils also requires setting a resonance frequency, so that the frequency of the receiving coil and the output coil are consistent, so that even when the output coil current is very small, enough strong induction current can be generated in the receiving coil.

    The most common charging solution currently uses electromagnetic induction. By utilizing Faraday electromagnetic induction, a magnetic field is generated when current passes through the coil; The generated magnetic field will form a voltage, and with the voltage, a current will be generated, which can be charged. By inducing current through the primary and secondary coils, energy is transferred from the transmitting end to the receiving end. Current flowing through a coil generates a magnetic field. Other coils that are not energized will generate current when they approach the magnetic field. Through the physical phenomenon of "electromagnetic induction", energy can be transmitted from the left energy transmitting coil to the right energy receiving coil.

    The Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC) mainly uses this method to achieve energy transfer, developing specifications for low-power applications of 5W, 10W, and 15W products, and is also attempting to develop specifications for high-power products. It can charge multiple appliances on a single plane, and the transmitting end of the charging board is relatively close to the receiving end of the charging product.

    This scheme has been widely applied in practice, and Huagon, China wireless charging module manufacturers , our wireless charging products are all developed and researched based on this theoretical basis. According to the output power, Our wireless charging module transmitter can be divided into 3W smart watch wireless charging module, 5W smart phone wireless charging module, 10W smart phone wireless charging module, 15W smart phone wireless charging module, 20W smart phone wireless charging module based on input power 50W high-power wireless charging module, 100W high-power wireless charging module, 200W high-power wireless charging module.

According to coil classification, it can be divided into 24mm single coil wireless charging module, A11 model 50mm standard single coil wireless charging module, double coil wireless charging module, single coil magnetic suction wireless charging module, three coil wireless charging module for Apple phones, smartwatches and smart headphones, three coil wide range smartphone wireless charging module, and multi coil wide range smartphone wireless charging module;

According to the charging distance, it can be divided into: 1-7mm conventional distance charging, 5-12mm medium distance charging, 3-21mm long-distance charging, and 20-50mm ultra long-distance charging; According to the different types of charging devices provided, they can be divided into: wireless charging modules for charging smartwatches, wireless charging modules for charging smart headphones, wireless charging modules for charging smartphones, wireless charging modules for charging hearing aids, cordless charging modules for charging battery cars, and wireless charging modules for charging LED lights and GPS. The following picture shows some product images of our wireless charging modules. We have been focusing on wireless charging customization for 10 years, with a professional team of designers and engineers, an advanced SMT dust-free factory, and a skilled assembly factory.

Welcome to contact us, Huagon, China wireless charging customization supplier, China wireless charging module manufacturers, China wireless charging producers, we will give you one-stop all around service.

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