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Qi2, new standard of wireless charging, is coming!

Anna Wen CNET 2023-03-28 16:39:26

    In the area of wireless charging, Qi is the golden rules. As long as the electronic devices, such as China 15W wireless charging receiver module manufactures, meet the standards of Qi, the devices can be charged by the Qi wireless chargers. As the standard evolves, the Wireless Power Consortium said at CES 2023 that Qi2, a new standard for wireless charging electronic devices, including smartphones, smart watches, earbuds and other mobile and wearable devices, will arrive later this year of 2023.

    Qi2 will "ensure devices and chargers align perfectly," and its technology “Magnetic Power Profile” is led by Apple, a WPC member, according to the group's website. Apple’s MagSafe chargers give us a clue of what Qi2 charging may look like. With a strong magnet inside the charger, the wireless charging will be easy and precise so that the efficiency and safety of wireless charging can be guaranteed.  
    The new standard, pronounced "chee two," aims to improve energy transmitting and receiving efficiency and reduce charging times without shortening battery life or damaging the device. Furthermore, Qi2 could extend wireless charging to devices that can be be wireless charged by the standard of Qi, such as VR headsets and other electronic devices that aren't designed to lay flat against another flat surface and "support new types of accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the phone, like an extra battery."

    Enhanced wireless charging standard Qi2 also poses the potential to reduce the waste of discarded wired chargers that eventually wear out and decrease the demand of big capacity battery. This contributes a lot to the environment protection and sustainable development.

    There still has no news and comment from the WPC when Qi2, 15W wireless charging receiver module China, devices and wireless chargers will be available and be experienced by customers, but a recent Business Wire post and public predication indicates Qi2 devices and wireless chargers are expected to arrive by the end of 2023 holiday.