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Shenzhen Huagon Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the customization, development, and production of wireless charging modules. There are 15W 50W 200W wireless charging modules, 18W PD 45W 65W 100W mobile power modules, and A/C PD 45W car wireless chargers. Our company has passed the IOS9001 quality system certification, SMETA labor, health, safety, and environmental certification. Our products have passed the market access certification in Europe, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, ROHS, REACH, and other environmental certifications.
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Huagon one-stop wireless charging solution

Anna original 2023-03-28 16:38:52

    The S7 wireless charger module uses QFN32 XL1501 main control IC, supports Type-C interface communication upgrade, supports PD, QC3.0 communication protocols .S7 module has a complete work protection system like ultra-low operating temperature, ultra-high working efficiency, over current and voltage protection ,over full charged protection. The module support for QI BPP EPP 15W wireless certificated . it has perfect compatibility with mobile phone quickly wireless charging to Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Google, ZTE, Sony, Nokia, Hammer, Gionee and many other mobile phone brands that meet the QI standard .

    The Product Features are as follows: the scheme complies with QI 1.2.4 specifications. The module is perfectly compatible with the full range of mobile phones in the market that meet the QI standard wireless charging.The HG-S7 chip supports PD, QC2.0, QC3.0, and AFC fast charging protocols. S7 has wide voltage input: 5V, 9V, 12V and get 15W highest output rated power to the receiving end. Inductive charging distance is standard: 1 ~ 8mm. The BPP / EPP working frequency: 105Khz ~ 205Khz, which causes no worry for human beings safety. Speaking of safety, S7 module has metal foreign object detection (static FOD) during standby and metal foreign object detection (dynamic FOD) in working. It also has ultra-low working temperature ( 15W load long-term working temperature of 45 ℃ ambient temperature 27℃). of course, there are many professional electronic protection to protect the circuit,such as the OTP over-temperature protection, OCP over-current protection, OVP over-voltage protection, UVP under-voltage protection.

    In terms of charging efficiency, its work efficiency is as high as 85%. The module has already passed KC, FCC, CE, BSMI, NCC ,NBCE ,ICID ,WEE and other export certifications as well as BPP_5W_QI certification, EPP_10W / 15W_QI certification.
    It Supports Type-C interface communication upgrade, which is convenient to update. With its high degree of program integration, ultra-simplified peripheral circuits, we can confidently say that Huagon S7 module is worthy the name of the best representative of Huagon wireless charging module customization.

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